Which sectors would you consider working in?

Would you be capable of working in an environment where Dutch is the main spoken language?

Which 7 statements match you the most? I want to work for a company..

Select 7 statements by clicking them, the order is not important. To see more statements click the dots below!

..that is international

..that is a startup

..with a flat structure

..where I will often be working in the same team

..where I will often work with different people

..where employees are specialists in their field

..that works in multiple fields

..where I will have a high salary

..where I will have the opportunity to work from home regularly

..where I will have the opportunity to have flexible workhours

..where I will have a lot of contact with clients

..that does work on a project basis

..where the problems I will face are mostly optimization problems

..where complicated financial instruments are often used

..that often uses big data

..where a lot of econometric theory is encountered

..that gives me the opportunity to keep studying

..that makes a social impact

..that provides me with many growth opportunities

..where I will have international colleagues

..where I will have many young colleagues

..where social activities are organized regularly

..where drinks are held every Friday afternoon

..where I will have the opportunity to work on projects abroad

..where I will have the possibility to write my thesis

..where internship positions are possible

..where I can join as a work student

..where traineeships are offered

..where high grades are important in the selection process

..where extracurricular activities are important in the selection process

..where the dress code is business formal

..where a strict dresscode is only required sometimes

..where there is no strict dresscode

..where I might have to work during the night or weekend